“Stalker Stories” The New Mixtape from Reason featuring 15 unreleased tracks with production by Falside, Dox of Poorly Drawn People and PhillipDrummond. Guest appearances by Storm Davis, Dirty Hank, Cas Uno, Esh The Monolith and Intrikit.

Available March 9th, 2010

Falside – “Dollars Make Change”

Click Here To Download Dollars Make Change

When he isn’t making suicide threats or drinking excessivly, Dirty Hank a.k.a Adolph Oliver Bush is an MC. He recently spent 6 months working on 7 songs in which he compiled into an EP titled, “ Dirty Hank’s Guide to Giving Up”. This unique presentation of random acts of fuckery bleeds pain, anger, frustration, sexual angst, and disgust – all beautifully blended over production from acclaimed Providence beatsmith Falside, and up and comer Mad Plaid. Providence wordsmith, Reason of the Poorly Drawn People collective was pressured into making an appearance on “Fade to Wack” and “Overselpt”.  If your not left feeling deprived and anxious after listening to “Dirty Hank’s Guide to Giving Up”,  somebody didn’t do their job.

Click Here To Download Guide To Giving Up

Poorly Drawn People Shoot For The Stars, Hit The Ceiling’

24 Unreleased tracks from Reason, Storm Davis and Dox. Featuring some of our best mates including Cas Uno and Esh of Labeless Illtelligence, Prolyphic (Strange Famous Records) and more.

Released April, 2008

Click Here to Download Shoot For The Stars

Poorly Drawn People “Nothing Stays Gold”

25 Unreleased tracks from Reason, Storm Davis and Dox with guest appearances by Falside, RADIx, Jon Hope, Justin Catoni, Emilio Lopez (Demigodz) and more.

Released 2007

Click Here To Download Nothing Stays Gold


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