Landlords And Lullabies” the new full length LP from Reason featuring production by Falside, PhillipDrummond, Dox of Poorly Drawn People, DRUMAT!C, Esh The Monolith and Justin Catoni is available NOW.  Order your copy through PayPal by clicking HERE.

“Landlords And Lullabies” is also available on itunes.com PoorlyDrawnPeople.com, Falside.com, Amazon.com, cdbaby.com, Newbury Comics (Providence, RI. Warwick, RI. Cambridge, MA. Harvard Square, MA. Portland, ME), Kangaroo’s Tapes And CD’S (North Providence, RI), Queen Of Hearts (Westminster St. Providence, RI) and a slew of other establishments once I shake this hangover.

Thank You for the support…I love you and Lake Bell.



  1. […] and Lullabies, Reason’s new ish, officially hit stores (and digital outlets) […]

  2. […] is a huge update from Providence’s own Reason.  He just dropped a new album titled “Landlords And Lullabies” (click the title for purchase information!) featuring production […]

  3. Your album is mad dope !

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